Thank you, Julie. It was so much fun talking to Jean! She is such an inspiration. Wish I had read this before rescuing. Now I know why I never see collies on leash.

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Thank you, Julie. It was so much fun talking to Jean! She is such an inspiration. Wish I had read this before rescuing. Now I know why I never see collies on leash. Now I know why all the happy collie success stories only seem to happen if the owner has a farm, many acres and no neighbors triggers.

Post a comment. The book shows a strong commitment to training without aversives and provides the technical know-how too. This page contains affiliate links. And I wanted to ask you, how much do you think has changed for dogs since it was published? Jean: I think a lot. Things are so much shifted in terms of the numbers, it would seem.

It would be great if somebody actually did a survey where we had some sort of idea of the baseline numbers. So, how many people used to train using any kind of evidence-based attempts and how many people used to train using primarily aversives or a mix, and then how many people do that now. And certainly what I see is that there are more people doing it now. Most of the new people coming in seem to be automatically oriented towards training without aversives and getting a handle on the science.

So just the very idea that pet dog training was a specialty, rather than sort of a trickle down of competitive obedience, is new. So I think both the aversives orientation is much lower now and the notion that pet dogs are a bona fide specialty in training is also almost brand new.

I still think that, I mean in spite of all the changes in the training world. Yeah, I do think that there is still this tendency, people still find it somewhat disappointing to find out that they must motivate their dog. Zazie: Thank you. So one of the other things that features in The Culture Clash is lots of wonderful information about dog training, which is also in your subsequent books.

Why is it so hard? Jean: I think for a couple of reasons. That, you know, dogs understand concepts of sit or the concept that he knows he should come to me. Jean Donaldson with the late Buffy Zazie: Definitely. How do we change their minds? The good news is that dogs are actually relatively easy to motivate.

Food is pretty much universal. And I think — at least my optimistic side likes to think — most people will then elect carrot. So those two steps have to happen. You touched on transparency, and a little while ago you started something called the transparency challenge, and we saw various dog trainers giving their answers to the questions in that challenge.

Can you say something about the purpose behind starting that? Jean: Yes, the purpose was to couch the dog training issues, both the philosophy and the competence issues, as consumer protection, which is I think quite right. And then we take a step back and so the question then becomes you know, can we get the job done?

And then we need to make sure that people are not falling for gobbledegook language that I referred to before when trainers who are less scrupulous make all sorts of appeals. Three questions for dog trainers Zazie: So following on from that, do you think dog training should be regulated? And yet in spite of that clear interest in public safety, the fact that dog trainers are not regulated seems to be a disconnect. And there needs to be minimum education, minimum competence standards and hopefully ethical requirements.

What do you say to that? Julie Naismith 16 November at Michael and Iggy 29 December at Anonymous 17 February at By Zazie Todd, PhD Many dogs are afraid of the bangs and whistles from fireworks, up to half according to one study. A new, large survey by Dr. Stefanie Riemer University of Bern shows that treatments involving food and play are effective — but many other popular treatments are not rated as successful, according to people using them. The standard recommended treatment for fireworks fears is desensitization and counter-conditioning DSCC using recordings of fireworks noises.

The sounds are initially played very quietly at a level the dog is happy with, and over time the volume is gradually increased the desensitization part. In addition, while the sounds are playing, the dog is offered very nice treats the counter-conditioning part. In some cases, vets may also prescribe medication. Outside of training sessions, of course, fireworks and other loud bangs will still happen, especi….

Read more. Why punishment is the wrong approach for house training mistakes, and how you should house train your dog or puppy instead. By Zazie Todd, PhD How should we house train puppies, and deal with the inevitable mistakes that puppies and adult dogs can have? Suppose your dog suddenly starts to pee in the house. You clean it up the first time but it happens again…. And then again. Or your new puppy keeps having accidents indoors even though you take her outside often.

In this situation, some people will yell at their dog. Some might even try physical punishment like hitting the dog or an alpha roll. Suppose they pee in the house and you yell at them. What do they learn…. By Zazie Todd, PhD In , French bulldogs became the most popular breed of dog in the UK , overtaking the Labrador retriever, which had the number 1 spot for almost thirty years.

French bulldogs are lovely dogs but unfortunately they can suffer from a number of inherited conditions, which can be distressing for the dog and heart-breaking for the owner. Because they have a squashed face, they are at risk of Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, can have trouble breathing, be reluctant to exercise, and may overheat in hot weather.


The Culture Clash - A Book by Jean Donaldson

We are still shipping daily! Below are the available bulk discount rates for each individual item when you purchase a certain amount. The most thought provoking book ever written on dog behavior and training Generations of dogs have been labeled training-lemons for requiring actual motivation when all along they were perfectly normal. Numerous other completely and utterly normal dogs have been branded as canine misfits simply because they grew up to act like dogs.


The Culture Clash

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