Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Step-by-step use. Program description. Page 3: Starting The Stimulation Be very careful when increasing the amplitude.

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Warning Warning! Do not stimulate on the front or sides of the neck, since a drop in blood pressure can occur. Keep out of reach from children. Note The stimulator should only be used with skin electrodes intended for nerve and muscle stimulation. See electrode package for instructions of use. The electrodes should only be placed on healthy skin. Avoid skin irritation by ensuring good contact between electrodes and skin.

Hypersensitivity can occur in rare cases. If condition persists, seek medical advice. Switch off stimulation before removing the electrodes from the skin. If an electrode comes off, shut off the stimulation before picking it up.

Getting electrical stimulation through the fingers is unpleasant but not harmful. Be careful with stimulating in the heart region. Inspect the equipment prior to use. Never use more than one stimulator at the time. Never open the battery lid during stimulation. This, however, is no guarantee that the equipment will not be affected by electromagnetic disturbances. If the stimulator is not used for some time approximately 3 months , the non-rechargeable batteries should be removed from the stimulator.

Note: Be very careful when increasing the amplitude. On-off button. You can always use the on-off button to stop a stimulation session. Select the upper or lower body. Number of sets in the selected program. Number of repetitions reps in the set. Selected program type. Selected body part. Selected program. You can reduce the amplitude at any time during stimulation using the button.

If you feel any pain or discomfort, reduce the amplitude immediately. You can always use the button to stop a stimulation session. You can pause the program by pressing P. Press P again when you want to resume the session. The program picks up where it left off.

If the stimulator has been paused for more than five minutes, it switches off automatically to spare the battery. Connect two electrodes to a cord and the cord to one of the stimulator channels. Most of the NMES programs have intermittent stimulation i. Some of these programs offer active rest i. Adjust the amplitude until muscle vibrations occur.

You can increase or decrease the amplitude at any time during the rest period. The programs switch automatically between stimulation and rest.

The amplitude graph blinks during rest. Carefully wash and dry the body part where the electrodes will be attached. Attach the electrodes to the body. Place the two electrode pairs that are controlled by the same amplitude buttons on muscles that are about the same size. Switch the stimulator on with the. Use the button to select upper or lower body. The selected body part is indicated in the display. Select the program type by pressing until the desired program type Sport, Fitness or Wellness is visible in the display.

Press P until the symbol and number of the desired program are visible in the display. Start stimulation by setting the desired amplitude for each channel using and.

When the program is done, the amplitude automatically returns to 0. Ten seconds after you set the amplitude, the key lock is activated so that no unintentional changes can be made. To deactivate the key lock, press. The display illustrates each type of program with a symbol:. Place the electrodes on the muscle you want to train and select a program. Press AUTO once for channel 1. TEST begins blinking. When you get a visible muscular response to the current, press AUTO again. If you press too late, or want to start again for any reason, press and hold AUTO for two seconds.

Press AUTO once for channel 2. The recommended amplitude will be set automatically for both channels and the program will start. Each program also has a number, shown at the bottom right of the display. See the program numbers in the program overview for an explanation Page 8. The program levels are shown in the display. Maximum force 1 is lighter than Maximum force 3. If you only want to use one channel, follow steps 13 above, then wait a few seconds for the right amplitude to be set.

Even if you use automatic amplitude settings, you can raise or lower the amplitude at any time by pressing or until the stimulation feels pleasant. Remember that you have now left the automatic amplitude setting.

At the top of the display, you see how many sets a program contains and how many reps each set has. There is a pause between each set. The pause time is counted down in the display, so you know when the next set begins. Warm up 2. Warm up long 8. Training 1. Capillarisation 2. Endurance 1 3.

Endurance 2 4. Endurance 3 5. Resistance force 1 6. Resistance force 2 7. Resistance force 3 Force 1. Progressive force 1 Progressive force 2 Progressive force 3 Maximum force 1 Maximum force 2 Maximum force 3 Explosive force 1 Explosive force 2 Explosive force 3. Warm up long Training 1. Recovery 1. Recovery 2.

Shaping 1 2. Shaping 2 3. Aerobic 1 4. Aerobic 2 5. Aerobic 3 Force 1. Massage 2. Energy massage 3. Relaxing massage 4. Drainage Pain relief 1. TENS Pain relief 2. TENS Muscle relaxation. Aerobic 3. Warm up 1. Warm up Training 1.


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