Yet Maggie stays upbeat during the search. Rich-and Handsome, nor does she sink to accepting Mr. Merely Breathing. Is this the new Idaho?

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Yet Maggie stays upbeat during the search. Rich-and Handsome, nor does she sink to accepting Mr. Merely Breathing. Is this the new Idaho? Thank you for not trying to catch the local accent in the writing. And May is the beginning of warm weather — oh burrrr says the Southern Girl in me. The rocky coast, the sound of the sea lapping the harbor rocks, the Blessing of the Fleet, and the monument to lost sailors. All of this added a lot to my enjoyment of the book.

And people are strange and often unintentionally hurtful in how they relate to others, especially their own family.

She ragged Maggie because she felt Maggie needed the most care. I love the relationship among Maggie and her siblings. Her husband Will is almost too good to be true. The scenes of Maggie baby-sitting her niece are touching without activating my gag reflex. I had a feeling about Colonel. I freely admit to sobbing through some of them. I found most of the book to be very funny. Yet after a while, I got tired of Maggie always ending up as the romantic joke of the town.

In fact, I was tired of it long before she was. And why does she still keep mooning on about Father Tim for over a year? And not just daydreams but losing her train of thought and still staring at him in public? And what was with the scene where he got so mad and threw her out? We get drips and drabs of his past life but there are still a lot of questions I have about Malone. The sex scenes could be rated G yet the intensity between Maggie and Malone can still be felt.

I agree with one Amazon reviewer who praised the hand cream rubbing scene. Malone is a man who notices the small things about her as well as the big. Maggie is a hardworking owner of a diner. We see her doing her job in public and private, her concerns to improve the diner, her efforts to garner more attention for it.

He keeps his boat clean and in order, knows how to pilot it, is known as the first man out of the harbor and the last one back in. I was glued to it and managed to read it in one day and this was after spending a little bit of time finishing up another book. Thanks to Jane for introducing me to your work. This book can be purchased in mass market from Amazon or Powells or ebook format. Another long time reader who read romance novels in her teens, then took a long break before started back again about 20 years ago.

Higgins work because of what readers here have said about her so I ordered 2 books, and this is one of them. Thanks Jayne! I have got to agree with you Jayne. I loved this book. I think I liked it even better than Just One of the Guys. I sobbed and sobbed at parts of this book and laughed out loud at others. In fact, after reading all three of her books, Kristian Higgins is my favorite new author of the year.

I love that her heroines are not picture perfect and have great senses of humor. Throw a fit? I loved this book!! I read it in a matter of hours and giggled my way through most of it.

My husband thought I was crazy. I have had some of those dates long ago, so I could relate. That mainly was where my frustration with the book was at. What is the difference between Chick-Lit and Contemporary Romance subgenres? In the interest of my never-ending attempts to educate myself … :. You were right though, I wanted more Malone. He was so intriguing. And Val — I think chick lit. And the heroine is young, and usually lives in a big city.

And chick lit. Thank you, Sandy D! So is Catch of the Day too light-hearted or humorous to be straight contemporary, but not shallow enough to be Chick-Lit? Gotta say, I like that title: Catch of the Day. Very cute! I like this review! I noticed the same things in the reading the book and definitely agree as to more Malone POV, Father Tim as user, and thought that Maggie needed to stick up for herself sooner and stop letting herself be put down and made the brunt of jokes all the time.

I know this book is a short Harlequin-length, but I think this story could have been fleshed out into a longer and even more intriguing storyline, with less dangling ends.

I thought it ended too soon with not enough of a resolution. But this book was quite enjoyable! Also, chick lit sometimes has a HFN happy for now ending rather ending in marriage. Thank you, Janine! Clearly I enjoy her writing. But my one problem sounds like it may occur in this book too.

Higgins has a definite way with her heroines but needs to flesh out her heroes a little more. I loved how you said Malone notices both the small and big things about her. But like you, I wanted more of his POV. I really enjoyed this story. Now I need to go back and find a copy of Ms. The one that needs to be released in ebook format! Grrr ::gnashing of teeth I enjoyed this book very much. My first impression of him when he gives her a ride is of a grizzly guy, unattractive, big man.

I did not like Father Tim. Just pick up this book and enjoy! Jayne, with the exception of a few books, we essentially agree on what is good and what is not in the romance genre. Great review! Val, don't worry about the differences between chick-lit and straight romance. When Malone did speak, however, it always packed a punch. He was definitely a sigh-worthy hero in my book. I loved this book too.

Thanks for reminding me of one of the great parts I forgot the hand cream thing and the sad but sweet relationship with her dog. Kristan Higgins has definitely made it to my autobuy list.

Catch of the Day is my first Kristan Higgins book, too, and I was so pleasantly surprised at how easily I was swept away by such a simple love story. Within the first few pages, I accurately predicted the basic story arc, but boy what a fun trip from start to finish it turned out to be! As soon as Malone gave Maggie the ride when she had her spill on the bike, I knew he was the one for her. Like most of the commenters here, I would have loved to learn more about Malone throughout the story, but when everything was said and done and I closed the book, I was glad I saw Malone exactly the way Maggie did.

The Malone who pushes himself beyond his comfort zone and tries to open up for the woman he loves in order to keep her. I liked that Malone remained quiet, private and enigmatic until the very end, because it was the most realistic portrayal of his character and how he perfectly complimented Maggie. Very sweet story. I only read Just One of the Guys so far. Actually, I thought Trevor was kind of a blank wall. In this case, I think it makes a difference which book you read first.

I read Catch of the Day first, so by comparison…. I love her writing. Does anyone know when or what that would be? And, as always, great review!


REVIEW: Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins

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Catch of the Day

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