The result of the work will be a database documenting the usage of lexical units. This database will significantly expand present knowledge concerning the lexical resources of the Polish language. It is especially notable that as regards the first half of the 20th century, particularly the two interwar decades, these records are extremely scanty, being limited to the results of systematic excerption by two researchers: J. The new database will firstly be, in relative terms, extremely large the largest database of this type in the world ; secondly it will permit a variety of applications morphological studies, studies of borrowings, phrasematics, stylometric analysis, etc. These works are significant in that they cover textual materials which have never before been subject to lexicographic excerption. In turn, the methodological basis for the photodocumentation work will be adopted from works by P.

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Embed Size px x x x x What was the Study? Through observations of the RDI method and study of the information on RDI and Bettelheims studies, we attempted to define similarities and differences between RDIs program and Bettelheims program and their effectiveness in treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

What is ASD? Bettelheim - Took into his home a girl suffering from Autism Put into a concentration camp Took over the Orthogenic school in Chicago. Bettelheims ApproachLack of developed autonomy due to treatment of the motherCreated an environment in which autonomy is encouraged through the basis of phenomenology.

Program ComparisonBettelheimBasis in phenomenology philosophy Formation of autonomy and perceptionsRDIBasis in Neuroscience science Formation of types of intelligencesBoth, however, are valid treatments directly addressing the childs needs and creating learning environments in which a child with ASD may more easily grow and develop. ConclusionIt was too difficult to compare the two programs, dissimilar as they are, to reach an accurate conclusion.

That being said, however, both programs are excellent treatments and share a common method in that they create environments in which a child with ASD may develop more easily. This study, in our minds, ended up being more a fact-finding mission than anything else. Problems with the StudyPrograms were too dissimilar. Bettelheims study impossible to recreate for comparison. Post on Feb 34 views. Category: Documents 0 download. What was the Study?.


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Embed Size px x x x x Post on Dec views. Category: Documents 1 download. All rights reserved Nutrition Nutrients: Nutrients: the components of food and drink that provide growth, replacement, and energy 1. All rights reserved Calories Nutritional calorie Cal : Nutritional calorie Cal : cal or 1 kcal Basal caloric requirement: Basal caloric requirement: the energy requirement for a resting body Slide 6 29 Thomson Learning, Inc. All rights reserved Carbohydrates Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in a diet; the main dietary carbohydrates are the polysaccharide starch the disaccharides lactose and sucrose the monosaccharides glucose and fructose Digestion of carbohydrates starts in the mouth -amylase catalyzes the hydrolysis of -1,4-glycosidic bonds -amylase catalyzes the hydrolysis of -1,4-glycosidic bonds debranching enzymes catalyze the hydrolysis of -1,6- glycosidic bonds Slide 7 29 Thomson Learning, Inc. All rights reserved Fats Fats are the most concentrated source of energy lipases, the enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of lipids, are located in the small intestine bile salts, synthesized in the liver and stored in the gallbladder, emulsify water-insoluble dietary fats so that they can be acted upon by lipases fats are hydrolyzed to fatty acids, and complex lipids to fatty acids, alcohols, and carbohydrates Slide 8 29 Thomson Learning, Inc.


bettelheim and rdi


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