Timmy Suputra. D Kandou Manado on January 1st He was complaining respiratory difficulties in the last 3 hours before admission to hospital. The symptoms appeared a few hours after feeding. He also had frequent spasmodic cough. He seemed lethargic in the last one hour before hospitalized.

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Alfred , Sp. Bronchopneumonia is pneumonia in the lobular part which is characterized by patches of infiltrates caused by infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and foreign objects, which are characterized by symptoms of high fever, restlessness, dyspnoea, rapid and shallow breathing sounds of rhonchi , vomiting, diarrhea, dry and productive cough. Sumber : Saputri ND. Soeradji Tritonegoro. Klaten tahun Jakarta: Bronchopneumonia is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in children under 5 years of age.

MR : Appetite decreases, the frequency of breastfeeding decreases, usually 5 bottles per day, since it hurts only bottles per day. History of drug allergy and food is denied, history of asthma is denied, fever accompanied by indisputable seizures, history of long-standing coughs denied Patients have not defecated since 2 days, urination no complaints.

Working Differential diagnosa diagnosa bronkopneumonia Bronkiolitis. Complaints: fever, coughing with rapid breathing b. Nostril breathing b. Decreased appetite c. There is a history of ARI d. Ronki was found on auscultation d. Children are restless and fussy e. Bronchial base breath sounds f. Examination of leukocyte count and leukocyte Not recommended in children with mild, count helps determine antibiotic therapy uncomplicated acute lower respiratory tract infections Examination of sputum culture and staining for severe pneumonia Chest photos are recommended for patients who are hospitalized or if clinical signs and symptoms Blood cultures are recommended for severe are found to be confusing conditions in each child suspected of bacterial pneumonia Folllow up of chest photos is only done if there is lobe collapse or suspected complications or Pleural fluid puncture if there is pleural persistent symptoms that worsen or not respond to effusion antibiotics Tuberculin test in children with a history of contact with adult TB patients.

History of drug allergy and food is denied, history of asthma is denied, fever accompanied by seizures is denied, never experienced the same complaint before. Laboratatorium examination Laboratatorium examination. S 2 years old male comes with a complaint of phlegm cough that is difficult to remove accompanied by fever with a temperature of Treatment in these patients is in accordance with the gold standard, namely by giving 2 antibiotics and symptomatic therapy to relieve symptoms.

Buku ajar ilmu penyakit paru. Smeltzer, Suzanne C. Buku Ajar Respirologi Anak. Price, Sylvia A. Patofisiologi: konsep klinis proses perjalanan penyakit. Jakarta: EGC; Saputri ND. Soeradji Tritonegoro Klaten tahun Jakarta: William F. Evidence-based pediatrics, pneumonia and bronchiolitis. Canada: University of toronto.

Anggraini o, rahanoe M. Bayi usia 3 bulan dengan bronkopneumonia. Journal of Lampung University. Medula Unila. Administrated by the Alberta Medical Association intrnet. Guideline for the diagnosis and management pf community acquired pneumonia: pediatrics.

Fadhila A. Penegakan diagnosis dan tatalaksana bronkopneumonia pada pasien bayi laki-laki berusia 6 bulan. Grigore T, popa. Atlas Of Pathology. Pediatric pneumonia. The challenge: Pneumonia is the leading killer of children. Edisi ke 1. Netherland : Elseiver Saunders; Pudjiadi H. Hegar B. Handryastuti S. Katzung, B. Farmakologi dasar dan klinik, Edisi ke Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

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Uploaded by Gea Adinda. Document Information click to expand document information Description: Bronkopneumonia. Date uploaded Dec 19, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Description: Bronkopneumonia. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Lobar Pneumonia and Glomerulonephritis an Unusual. Jump to Page.

Search inside document. Laboratatorium examination Laboratatorium examination - From the results of the lab An increase in the number of examination, no significant shift was leukocytes found in the peripheral blood count.

Jakarta: EGC; 5. Soeradji Tritonegoro Klaten tahun Jakarta: 6. Luthfiah Eka Sasty. Glenn Valerio. Elias Rainao Wistuba. Marika Terrenzani. Yomar Rivera. Chong Lih Jiun. Mayrita Namay. Aya Ayodhia. Choi DongYi. Turcu Andreea.

Mark Louis Chica. Anonymous 7mZTddLOb. Lavfy Njlaa. Najwa Amalia. Popular in Diseases And Disorders. Nagaraj Reddy. Karolina Chandra. Oana Koppandi. Handi Tri Effendi. Amri Anugerah Rahman. Si Perfeksionis. Connie Jones. Jorge L Bugarin. Ruth Ann Cuerdo. Firas Ali. Albert Ey Buban.


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