Nothing close by? Sound familiar? We asked our top Trainers from around the globe to share their learning secrets! First, I listen to the music as much as I can while cleaning, driving, lifting weights , then watch the Masterclass while writing down choreography. The simple act of writing the choreography down cements it in my brain.

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Visit lesmills. Hey instructors! Use common sense and be mindful of not selecting tracks with lots of similar moves. Always teach with the current coaching model in mind. Written by: Ragland, K. Nicholls, S. Nicholls Party Favor Written by: Ray, Watson, Stephens Nero Written by: van de Corput, Voorn, S. Janssen, W. Janssen, Velberg Showtek Produced under license from Warner Music UK feat.

John Limited. Chainsmokers Written by: Taggart, Warren, Harris feat. In the future when you mix and match using different releases, please use the standardized express formats Dr Jackie Mills Chief Creative Officer found in the Instructor Education section on www.

The Fine Print Les Mills' instructor resources are unique, valuable resources provided to you as a Les Mills' certified instructor to enable you to learn each new release and teach it in Les Mills' licensed clubs only. Do not share these resources. Copying, uploading or sharing files on the internet or selling Les Mills' instructor resources to other people is illegal, and rips off Les Mills, its distributors and other instructors.

If you are engaging in any of these illegal activities, there may be serious consequences for you personally including legal action, the suspension or permanent withdrawal of your Les Mills certification. Your cooperation is much appreciated. We finish it off with a bit of sprint training to really give the CV Musically each tune drops into place and owns its space in the system another shot of the good hard lung-busting stuff Boxing workout like a boss!!

The Boxing tracks smash the shoulders and heart and lungs Track 6 looks tame, but its a wolf in sheeps clothing. Legs get early on, giving the workout factor a massive boost from the a dose of the conditioning by means of the ancient practice start.

What seems to make this so damn challenging is whats been done in the workout prior to this. The pain is written The introduction of the Evasive Boxing technique, the Parry, all over our faces. Track 8 is dedicated to the Jab and the Hook, and there isnt much left in the tank at this stage, so endurance becomes key. Along with a good pre-fatigue for the lower body, as we sink Plenty of cardio happens and tests your capacity here, so the into the stance and react quickly the Jump Kick sucks the lungs mental game comes into play.

Track 9 incorporates the medicine ball for some explosive Track 5 is bold and brilliant in its design. Upper body abdominal training and Track 10 is super-chilled stretch conditioning chisels away at the shoulders, leaving tears of time sweat cascading onto the canvas. The core is getting beaten up with Mountain Climbers, as the shoulders beg for a break.

At this point things get a little primitive as the Modified Bear Crawl comes in, to finish off the floor work. Shoulder stabilizers. RPM Instructor. She is based in Auckland. All rights reserved. No part of these notes may be used, stored or reproduced in any form or by any means without prior written permission from Les Mills International Limited.

Its what allows us to deliver safe and effective classes, role-model great technique, coach, connect, and to create awesome fitness experiences every time!

Its your job as the instructor to breathe life into the Program Directors choreography. Its a big responsibility, and one that requires you to learn new choreography every 3 months. If you teach more than 1 program, the time spent learning choreography can add up FAST.

Whether youve been a Les Mills Instructor for a long time or just starting your journey, use the 5 tips below to help you memorize the choreography in record time. Hot Tip 1 Say No to Social To learn choreography quickly, give it your undivided direction of the turn.

Marking isnt just a way to attention even if its for just minutes. Turn conserve energy while rehearsing: new research off anything that will distract you, such as email shows that marking makes it easier to learn it! Create an environment that will let you concentrate away from your Mark the moves the next time you need to learn a partner, kids and pets and resist the urge to check new release and feel how this allows your brain and social media!

Its not exclusive to learning dance; it works for any type of program. A valuable way to help you to retain choreography for the long term is to understand the logic behind it. To make sense of this choreography: 16x Bottom Think you dont need to watch the Masterclass? OK, Half Pulses are meant to be challenging, which heres your challenge! When you learn your next means youll need a break. The 4-count hold at the release, watch the filming video first to engage your top provides that quick rest before moving onto the visual senses.

Directors choreography. Is it a specific training Hot Tip 3 Wash, Rinse, Repeat stimulus theyre trying to achieve, a story they Listen to the music over and over again so you can want to tell, or a feeling they want to convey?

If you identify the verses, the chorus and the bridge. The can understand their intention, youve unlocked more familiar you are with the music, the easier one of the most powerful tools to memorizing you will find it to align the choreography with it. Pay choreography. A cymbal crash, a catchy lyric, a sound effect these are all important ways to link the right moves to the right parts of Which of these tips do you already use?

Its called you are learning choreography? To mark a dance means to go through the motions of the dance in a minimized way. For example, 1. The cognitive benefits of movement reduction: evidence from instead of performing a pirouette, a dancer might dance marking. Psychological Science, 24 9 PMID: mark the move with a twirl of their fingers in the The results were impressive. While both groups saw a reduction in body fat, the HIIT group experienced An increased waist circumference is strongly a much greater reduction in waist circumference associated with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and internal abdominal fat.

They lost an average heart disease and hypertension. Its even thought to of 0. So, what can we do 2. High-Intensity Interval Training HIIT consists of Conclusion short, intermittent bursts of maximum-intensity This study proves that if you want to maximize exercise interspersed with periods of rest.

Previous research has shown that these workouts Combining these two types of training will deliver accelerated changes in body composition, increase your aerobic fitness, grow lean muscle aerobic fitness and strength. The Study Two groups of adults participated in an 8-week intervention. Body composition and physical fitness tests were performed at the beginning and end of the study.

Being accepted to present at this conference is deemed to be a huge accomplishment, with only the top research projects in the field of Sports Medicine making the grade. Well keep you up-to-date about this research in future releases. The faster you move, the more muscle fibers you activate. This means you burn more calories during the class and if you reach maximum training zones afterwards as well EPOC. This is followed by a trough indicating contractrelaxcontract cycle during forceful that he has relaxed his muscles so you see and quick strikes so-called double peak less activity on the chart.

At the last second he muscle activation: tenses again as he lands the punch. An initial peak of muscle activation occurs at the start of the strike, as the muscles Its the relaxation phase that enables the body tense to generate force. The more force you apply to the movement, ie muscling the punch, the 2. This is followed by a relaxation phase to slower you will actually move. This contraction allow the speed of the movement to relaxationcontraction state is replicated in increase.

A second contraction takes place in the final moment of the strike at the moment of contact with the opponent. Evidence of a double peak in muscle activation to enhance strike speed and force: An example with elite mixed martial arts fighters. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 24 2 , Power Take a breath. Pure Speed Training Squeeze your fists.

Tense the muscles of your legs. For strengthening the lower body, you cant Imagine your body as immobile as beat Squats and Lunges. Then, once you an iron bar. The next stage is speed eg performing multiple speed Example: To execute the Roundhouse power kicks on the bag. Mentally navigate the strength in the upper body and this type of movement, visualizing your shinbone striking training assists us with explosive power.

To the middle of the punchbag. The final element is speed. For explosive Remain relaxed until a fraction of a fitness, we suggest you practise: -range second before performing the strike. With Speed Training you aim for maximum speed in every rep you cant afford to burn Example: To perform a Karate Punch out. Keep your sets really brief and ensure that breathe, relax, stay agile.

You dont want any youre well warmed up and not fatigued from a tension through your body. Remember: Think fast, be explosive, and relax when you do these drills. Check out the awesome Education session in the Release Kit to see this theory live in action with Dan and Rach!


BODYCOMBAT 70 Choreography Booklet

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Visit lesmills. Hey instructors! Use common sense and be mindful of not selecting tracks with lots of similar moves. Always teach with the current coaching model in mind. Written by: Ragland, K. Nicholls, S. Nicholls Party Favor

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