Welcome to another edition of Monthly sales report of Motorcycles in India, check out the chart above and the analysis given below to know how the Two wheeler companies performed in the month of May, On the month on month basis the sale is up by 0. The company has sold 5,51, units in the month of April Cumulative sales for the period of April to May reported growth of 8.

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Bike advice: looking for DH bike that is somewhat able to ride up too. Previous Page Next Page. Post Message. Author Message. Don't post your bike.

Rules on first page. Ask Them Here 2 hours ago - Demo 8 cracked headtube, is this ok to ride? All rights reserved. Mobile Version of Website. Posted: May 29, at Bullit buddy, it will take whatever you throw at it.

I keep coming back to the Bullit Banshee Scythe. Posted: May 30, at Look into a mongoose boot'r or pinn'r their FreeDrive system is insane. A downhill bike that pedals like an all-mtn. Or you could go for a GT Fury, the iDrive system pedals identical to mongoose. Posted: May 31, at Specialized Enduros are pretty awesome as well. Lots of travel super smooth and real easy to pedal back up to the top. Honestly, any downhill bike with the right cassette.

Suspension is so good these days any proper downhill frame is climbable, do it all the time myself.. Yeah, as above as long as it isn't stupidly heavy with a really close gear range you should be fine. Throwing this out there. Check out the Canfield The One.

It's designed to be super flexible. Unconventional, but hey, it let me DH and then climb back up. Heavy, but not too bad 38 s with my build this way. Pedaling and climbing was surprisingly great. Posted: Jun 2, at Posted: Jun 3, at Of road it climbs brilliantly considering it's weight. I can ride my airborne up some pretty long climbs and it's not that bad; although I have never ridden any other dh bike so I do not know how other bikes will perform.

Custom NS DJ build. Ask Them Here.

IEC 584-3 PDF

2012 Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS Launched

Read more about Duke Review by our expert team. Labels Articles Bike Tech 70 How do they make it? The previous night our co-author and review writer Mr. The moment he said that, I was in truck loads of mixed emotions. Was happy that a new kind of biking gene would be starting in India. At the same time, was eager to compare it against my all new Honda CBRR which had created a huge speculation as its competitor just because KTM could shell out 25bhp of power.


Indian Motorcycles Sales Figures for May 2012

At the conference, Mr. Naren, our regular author and 2 special correspondents of BikeAdvice Mr. Amit Gavande and Mr. Pratheek Kunder are present representing BikeAdvice. This new Pulsar is all set to re-define Motorcycling technology and design as-much-as the original Pulsars did way back in At the heart of the new Pulsar is its cutting-edge engine which sets new benchmarks in performance, emission and incidentally also fuel efficiency. The new Pulsar takes this technology altogether to another level with a SOHC 4-valve Triple Spark engine controlled by an advanced Electronic Control Unit for an absolutely unmatched performance.


Bike advice: looking for DH bike that is (somewhat) able to ride up too. Suggestions?

Flyer Tech Automobiles experts give the best mileage tips, Bike maintenance techniques through blogs. Read our blogs for best tips on all models of bikes. Labels Articles Bike Tech 70 How do they make it? Hi bikers. Let me begin with speaking about Planet Honda.



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