Energy breeds energy, and drives all our lives. Of course, physical energy exists but mental energy is even more mystical in itself. Mental energy rises and falls with the interest and commitment of what we are doing. It flows and is not a fixed substance. It is very common to see how we feel an impulse of extra energy in the things we love to do - those activities of where we feel completely natural and keen to participate in.

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Letztlich muss ich aber sagen, das sich jede Umstellung gelohnt hat. Vielen Dank! I use GnuCash for my private finance, in particular to maintain an overview concering questions like I strive for sticking as close to proper accounting principles as possible.

This was sometimes a painful process, when I only noticed too late, that I shouldn't have booked all transactions in my checking account directly against expenses, but rather have a scheduled transaction to prepare for the amount payable, which is then balanced with the paid amount from checkings.

But anyway, I have to say that all changes were worth it. In this Wiki I would like to explain the method I use in GnuCash and consider usefull and discuss those where I'm not happy yet. I don't want to miss the opportunity to say thank you to all developers. Not only have you created a great tool and keep on making it better, but you also always have an open ear for questions and have helped me very often.

Thank you very much! Jump to: navigation , search. Wurde alles abgebucht, was ich erwartet habe? Versicherungen: Einige davon sind fondsgebunden - was sind die heute eigentlich wert? Kredite: Ich habe eine Wohnung gekauft. Wieviel Geld schulde ich noch der Bank? Was kosten mich eigentlich meine Kredite? Offene Forderungen: Wer schuldet mir eigentlich noch was? Derzeit exportiere ich einen Budget Report, allerdings nur um die Ist-Aufwendungen pro Monat zu erhalten in meine Tabellenverarbeitung.

Dort werden die Budgets verwaltet und entsprechend fortgeschrieben. YeOldHinnerk English I use GnuCash for my private finance, in particular to maintain an overview concering questions like Checking account transactions: Did everybody just debit the proper amount?

Real life example: After having switch one life insurance contract to not receive any future premiums, the insurance company accidently apllied this status also to a different contract as well. I noticed this, when after a couple of month the correpsonding account payable didn't go back to zero but rather built up over time Life Insurance: A few are unit linked. What's their current market value? I'm not satisfied with an annual report by the insurance comapny.

Net worth: Is everything developing in the proper direction or are things deteriorating? How much money do I still owe to the bank? How much do I actually pay interest? How much money did I pay to the bank for transactional costs? How much money do we spend on what? Was this similar in the previous years? Receivables: Who owes me how much? Currently I export the budget report, just showing the actuals per month and transfer it to my spreadsheet application.

There the budgets are managed and projected accordingly. I consider this still quite cumbersome - I would really wish for this being possible directly in GnuCash. Check out: Better Budgeting Even more currently I don't do budgeting anymore outside either - too much overhead and my template doesn't react to changes in the CoA Reporting by indiviudal securities: The correpsonding report Advanced Portfolio still seems to me to be buggy, having tried it out just recently again If I can't trust a report, it is useless, even if it seems to calculate proper values in many cases.

Also, the report does not sum by security, but by account. Cashflow projection: I would like to do this and think that this could be well integrated into GnuCash, but of course it should be well thought-through, so that the first shot hits the target. Here is what I have in mind: All scheduled trx are reflected until projection end this should be straightforward to implement All budgets expenses are projected using the assumption that the budget are spent exactly.

All reports allow for a freely chosable date to report the projected values. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. Namespaces User page Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

Navigation GnuCash Recent changes Help. Contributing General donations. This page was last edited on 9 March , at This page has been accessed 1, times. Privacy policy About GnuCash Disclaimers.





Passion as the ultimate source of inner energy



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