Don't forget friendly and trusted help is ready for you with query you may have! Shop Here. Description Kit Contains Downloads Description Fadini BAYT Barrier with Variable Options Oil-hydraulic road barrier with beams from 3m up to 8m Oil-Hydraulic — designed for continuous use, guaranteeing a reliable standard of quality that represents the operators distinguishing features. Beam movements in opening and closing with slowdown. Unaffected by low and temperature conditions.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. BAYT Version with aluminium fencing. Version with cabled hinged road barrier beam. Fully convertible to right and left versions. Fixed braking when opening and adjustable when closing. Instruction Booklet. Table of Contents. Do not dispose of toxic substances into the environment. Page 3 FIG. Once the Anchor Plate Anchor Plate has been well set in the ground it is necessary to wait until the concrete has set , the Bayt housing cabinet may be installed and then tighten the four M14 hexagonal nuts securely with their relative washers screwing them down tight on the anchor bolts extruding from the base of the cabinet as illustrated in Fig.

It is furthermore recommended that the booklet "Safety Regulations" made available by Meccanica Fadini be examined thoroughly. Page 7 See table Fig. In the Bayt installation with barrier beams that are 6. Page 8 Ref. Drawing - Bayt already prepared for the coupling. LEFT version - According to the demands of the installation it is possible to apply a hinge coupling to the Bayt following the instructions found in Fig. Page 9 4 on the outside of the cover Fig. BAYT 8 metre barrier beam with fencing: maximum 19 sec.

ON: Flasher deactivated during pause in automatic Page 11 Electrical connections: 1 Elpro A: Perform all of the connections necessary for the operation of the Bayt A. Page 12 M16 counter nut - Once the adjustment has been made, the M16 counter nut previously loosened must be tightened, so as to lock the Bayt valve attachment yoke base.

Release valve - Remember to tighten the M16 counter nut 9 of the piston rod yoke ferrule to the actuation 24mm spanner rod 8. Page 15 Bayt barrier beam, with the possibility of the acting manual by acting on the regulator on the adjustment regulator for the maximum and the The automated mechanism, according to the provisions of the law is a "machine" and therefore the installer must apply all safety regulations to it.

Page 17 FIG. Flex 34 command device the gate opener and to obtain the alternating flashing without pauses or else the alternating flashing of the "flash" type Fig. Page 19 Elettric motor "..

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Fadini BAYT 980 Barrier with Variable Options



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