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Upgrade to 3 year warranty now. Website: www. All rights reserved. All information in this document is subject tochange without notice. No part of the document may be reproducedor transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic or mechanical,including photocopying or recording, without the express writtenpermission of ATOMOS. All othertrademarks are the property of their respective holders.

This warranty is exclusively for the benefit of the original purchaser and isnot assignable or transferable. If during the warranty period the product is shown to be defectiveATOMOS may at its option:a replace the goods or supply equivalent ones, b repair the goods, c pay the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent ones and d paying the cost of having the goods repaired;The customer must notify ATOMOS of any defect in the goods inwriting prior to the expiry of the warranty periods set out above.

The Software is licensed, not sold. Use of the Softwareprovided to you by ATOMOS in whatever form or media, will constituteyour acceptance of these terms, unless separate terms are providedby the software supplier, in which case certain additional or differentterms may apply.

By installing, copying orotherwise using the Software, you agree to be bound to the terms of thisEULA. Eligible licensees. License Grant. You agree that you may not copythe written materials accompanying the Software. Modifying, reverseengineering, translating, renting, copying, transferring or assigningall or part of the Software or any rights granted hereunder, to anyother persons or reverse engineering the hardware on which theSoftware runs, is strictly prohibited.

The software is license, not sold. You acknowledge that no title to intellectual property in the Softwareis transferable to you. All copies ofthe software will contain the same proprietary notices as containedin or on the Software. All title and copyrights in and to the Software including but not limited to any images, animations, video, audio, textincorporated , the accompanying printed materials, and any copies of theSoftware are owned by ATOMOS or its suppliers.

Reverse engineering. Any failure to comply with the above or anyother terms and conditions contained herein will result in the automatictermination of this license and the reversion of the rights grantedhereunder by ATOMOS. There are no complicated menus or difficult to find functions — everythingyou need is instantly accessible from the home screen. Software updates for your Samurai will be issued regularly.

Registeringyour Samurai now will ensure you are kept abreast of any updates. Software updates and information will also be available at:www. Your Samurai comes with a standard 1 year warranty on all parts andaccessories. This will enableus to let you know about updates to the product and other importantinformation surrounding your purchase.

You can buy these locally to keep runningcosts as low as possible. We recommend drives, please refer to Part 16 Technical Specifications of this manual. USB 2. For harsher conditions,choose a solid state drive. Harshtreatment that may not actually damage the drive may interruptrecordings at a much lower level of severity. We recommend that youexperiment with your drives by testing them in the conditions that younormally work in.

Which drives should you use? There are so many drives available, and new models appear all thetime. We are not able to test all drives but here are some guidelines. Speed and reliability are the main factors. This gives you a frame of reference for comparison. See thesection below about when you should consider using SSDs.

We onlyrecommend Intel SSDs at this stage as we have had unreliable resultsfrom all other drives. They areparticularly sensitive to this type of motion. If you do this too quicklywhile the drive is spinning, you may get a small gap in your recording.

Practisethis manoeuvre so that you are able to do it smoothly. It is alwaysbetter to do this in-between takes. Gentle and cushionedmovement may be OK. Aswe receive reports of drive durability and reliability, we will post themon www.

This means that you will not normally have to restartthe Samurai , even if a recording has been interrupted by mechanicaldisruption to the disk drive. Spinning disks are mostsensitive when they are rotating. Mechanical Shock and VibrationHard disks are precision mechanical devices that need to be handledcarefully. You will be using the same type of drives that are normally usedin notebook computers, and you can use this as a guide to whether youneed to use mechanical drives or Solid State ones for any proposedprojects.

If you think a particular usage scenario would be suitable for anotebook computer, then it will probably be OK for a mechanical driveinside a Samurai. You may even findvariations between drives of the same type. Backing up and archivingRemember that no storage medium, including tape, optical disks,spinning disks and flash memory, is completely immune from failure.

You should bear this in mind when deciding how to manageyour recorded content. At the very least, you should consider theconsequences for you and your business if your storage medium wereto suffer from a sudden failure, and you should back up your contentaccordingly. Hard drives that you can use for archiving are becomingincreasingly affordable.

You may find that it is completely feasible foryour to keep your master Samurai disks on a shelf just like tapes! Theywill be perfect for tripod-mounting, and also for the majority of hand-heldwork. We would advise against hard-mounting them on moving vehicles Atomos Samurai — User Manual Edition 2: November 4.

What you also need cont. Select the typethat best suits your application and conditions. Please remember that HD-SDI cablesuse locking connectors and will not simply pull out if they are jerkedor tripped over. They are therefore a significant trip hazard, and alsoa hazard to your equipment, which may be damaged if the cables aremishandled.

To remove touch Skippy and hewill disappear. Replacement cables are available from your Atomos dealer. The Atomos cable adaptors provided are extremely tough.

Just insert the disk into the caddy, and securewith four screws. The caddy is light and the disk just needs to be heldsecurely. There are no connections tomake because pushing the caddy into the Samurai or the Dockingstation makes all the connections for you.

Spinning disks and SSDs are very sensitive to damage from staticelectricity. Always makesure that the disk connector faces the slot in the Samurai. A quick visual check willconfirm this. We suggest squeezing the cornerstogether near the screw you aretightening for optimal fit. Push latch torelease batteryThe Samurai is a battery powered device, and has a special feature toensure that you never have to interrupt a recording to change a battery. We will come to this shortly.

Like all batteries, you will need to take care of them. Charge new batteries before using them. The supplied Samurai chargercan charge two batteries simultaneously. There are four red LEDindicators for each battery. This will show the approximate stage thecharging process has reached. Always use battery slot for the first battery. This is effectively yourprimary battery and the Samurai will not start without it. Battery slot No. Once the Samurai has been started from battery slot No.

To insert the batteries, gently slide them down into the slot and lockthem into position. To remove a battery, push the latch to release it. Eachbattery has its own latch, which is located to the right of batter No. Pull thelatches towards the batteries to release them. Batteries do not charge in a linear way. At first they charge very quickly,and then the rate slows down to a trickle.

While charging, one or morered lights will blink. It is perfectly OK to use the batteries at this point and we recommendstopping at this stage for the longest battery life. Samurai batteries and modular accessories Connect Converters, etc are held in place very tightly because they are on the outside of thedevice and there has to be no possibility whatsoever that they couldwork loose, so you will have to be quite firm with the battery latches. We suggest that you familiarise yourself with the force required toremove the batteries and accessories so that you can do this quickly inthe field.

Make sure that you hold the top and the bottom of the batteryor accessory module when sliding it off to avoid dropping it when it isreleased from the main unit.

The Samurai introduces an Atomos technology called Battery Loopingfor continuous power. When power is running low on one battery, the Samurai will automatically switch to the second battery, you can removeone of the batteries and replace it with a fully charged one.

Samurai will continue to operate as you do this. You can continue this processindefinitely.


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