Arthur C. Custance was educated at Private School in England and came to Canada in at the age of 19 After three years on a farm and two winters in the Canadian bush, he received a scholarship to attend the University of Toronto. In his second year he was converted to Christ, arid the experience so changed his thinking that he switched courses and five years later obtained an honours M. When World War II broke out, he was appointed to the position of materials control in a crown corporation manufacturing firing control instruments in connection with Canada's war effort. Soon after the war ended his continuing biblical studies led to a keen interest in biblical archaeology and then in anthropology, especially as related to human origins. He thus returned to the University of Toronto to obtain a Ph.

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The Arthur C. Custance Centre for Science and Christianity explores the relationship between Science and Scripture while remaining faithful to the established facts of Science and the revealed truths of Scripture.

We are scientifically sound and biblically based. We believe that the Bible conveys facts that are fully supported by science. Modern biology supports the special creation of kinds, and provides the physiological mechanism for the virgin birth of Christ and the Incarnation. Modern physics and forensics show that the image on the Shroud of Turin provides physical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, and insights into the physical consequences of the fall of a real Adam and Eve.

This web site contains the works of Arthur Custance who wrote extensively on the links between academic knowledge and the tenets of Christianity. These works have influenced Christians world-wide, and this centre continues to promote his vision to bring together the established facts of Science and the revealed truths of Scripture. Additional resources are also available, and we invite students of all ages to browse through the many pages on this site.

Arthur C. Custance — was a British born Canadian who wrote about the unique connections between scientific research and biblical understanding bringing together faith and reason [ see Biography of Arthur Custance ]. He originally published, through Doorway Publications, a series of scholarly papers relating biblical truths to scientific facts. These Doorway Papers were republished in a ten-volume set known as The Doorway Papers Series , and these works have been distributed worldwide.

Arthur Custance also wrote 6 books providing fresh insights into our creation and redemption, and our journey into the glorious world to come. Custance was born and educated in England and moved to Canada in In his second year at the University of Toronto he was converted to faith in Christ. The experience so changed his thinking that he switched courses, obtaining an honours M. In his 13 years of formal education, he explored many facets of knowledge and was particularly interested in anthropology and origins.

He completed his Ph. During that time he also wrote and published The Doorway Papers, and in retirement in , he wrote 6 major books. His writings are characterized by a rare combination of scholarly thoroughness and biblical orthodoxy. Custance Centre For Science and Christianity. Biography of Arthur C. Learn more. Topics of Interest. The Doorway Series. Science meets Faith: The Shroud of Turin.

Scripture and the Shroud of Turin. Two Man Called Adam. The theological and scientific challenge to theistic evolution and evolutionary creationism. The Myth of Evolution. Other topics. Custance Library Books Online. The Doorway Paper Series. The Original Doorway Papers. Other Books. Books by Arthur Custance. Donate to this Ministry. Find Out How to Donate.


The Doorway Papers by Arthur Custance, First Edition

Published by Zondervan, Grand Rapids From: Black Swan Books, Inc. Lexington, KY, U. Seller Rating:. About this Item: Zondervan, Grand Rapids,


The Doorway Papers by Arthur Custance

Titles are of the original monographs papers published during the years ; Papers were originally 60 in number but grew to Titles in brackets indicate revised titles for second issue of the monographs in Titles of the original Zondervan papers published from , with links to more current online files. Who Taught Adam to Speak. Language neither evolved nor is instinctive. If every baby learns a language by being spoken to, then who spoke to the first human?

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