Hand Held Films. Add to Wish List. Download our kit list Download the user manual. Switching takes approximately 3 seconds through camera display. Switching takes approximately 30 seconds. Regular or High Speed mode.

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Quick Links. User Manual. Table of Contents. Arri amira documentary-style camera quick guide 57 pages. If you find any problems in the documentation, please report them to us in writing. ARRI does not warrant that this document is error-free.

Page 6 Plus Camera Controls Page 7: Disclaimer In no event shall ARRI or its subsidiaries be liable for or have a remedy for recovery of any special, direct, indirect, incidental, or This product contains licensed technology from Linotype. Quicktime and Quicktime logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. It combines leading edge digital technology with film camera features that have been refined over more than 90 years of ARRIs history.

The result is a camera that allows cinematographers with a film background to shoot digitally without the need for a extensive training. If the fan noise level starts to increase due to fan aging, the fan can be swapped in a matter of minutes by a trained technician. By adding a license key for High Speed mode, the frame rate range of the camera can be extended up to fps.

The manual's structure also provides quick access for reference to experienced users. All directions are given from an operator's point of view. Repairs must only be Page Specific Safety Instructions If the sensor cover glass has been contaminated by solid dirt or grease, special optical cleaning kits should be used for dirt removal under very high care! If the contamination cannot be removed, the camera should be taken to an ARRI service center for cleaning. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class A digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules.

Page Power Supply Manipulation of power supplies can result in severe damage to the equipment and humans, including death. ALEXA accepts an input voltage range from Page Onboard Batteries V-Lock batteries are available from a number of manufacturers.

Some of these batteries are able to transmit information on their remaining capacity to the camera. For these batteries, the user does not need to set the battery warning level due to the communication of camera and battery. We recommend to not use any batteries with a capacity of less than 90 Wh to prevent damage to the battery and unpredictable camera behavior. The batteries transmit information on their remaining capacity to the camera.

For Gold Mount batteries, the user does not need to set the battery warning level due to the communication of camera and battery. Page Power Outputs Power Supply damage to the battery and unpredictable camera behavior.

Any camera-battery combination should be tested prior to use, especially when accessories are powered through the camera. Power Outputs The camera has three power outputs for accessories, 2x 24 V and 1x 12 V. Figure 24 V outputs RS and 12 V output 7. The table to the right shows the camera weight for different components. If possible, cover the eyepiece when not in use to prevent any damage.

The viewfinder is attached to the mounting bracket by sliding the dove tail into the receptacle of the mounting bracket and then closing the lever on the viewfinder. Page 31 EVF further back.

It can be attached to a tripod head for use with geared heads or greater comfort when using fluid heads. Make sure the screws are well tightened with a 3mm Allen key. Figure Camera with CCH-1, side view It mounts directly to the camera housing with two screws and ensures that support rods, matte boxes and follow focus units are positioned properly in regards to the optical center of the camera, just like all other ARRI cameras.

First attach the BPA-1 to the camera with the two screws. Then attach the bridge plate to the adaptor with its two screws. Make sure It prevents the camera from resting on a back mounted battery when a bridge plate is attached and the camera is placed on a flat surface. For extended handheld shoots, the newly designed shoulder pad SP-3 can be attached to the base of the camera with velcro. It is located on the camera back lower right. Page Audio Out Connectors 9. It is located on the camera right lower front.

Page Sxs Slots SxS Slots On the SD card, the folder structure presented in the following example should be created by the user prior to first use of the card. Page 44 Card is unreadable e. Sony SxS-1 cards are not supported. Page Optics It can be used to attach any modern PL-mount lens to the camera.

This guarantees that the flange focal depth is not influenced by the lens weight and reduces stress on the lens mount. To support a lens use 15mm studio or 19mm studio rods and a fitting lens bridge. Page 47 Lens Support When the bridge is in the right position on the rods, it is fixed with the screw or lever on its side. It is attached to the lens support ring with its center screw. The lever on the back of the lens bridge fixes the height of the center screw. Consist of a 3" LCD-screen controls with screen buttons changing their behavior depending on the screen content, a jogwheel to navigate through menus and adjust parameters and a range of function buttons with dedicated behavior.

Page Display Main Controls The display is back illuminated and transflective which results in exceptional contrast even in bright sunlight.

When the Homescreen is displayed, the brightness of the display can quickly be adjusted by turning the jogwheel while pressing the BACK button. Page 50 5. Currently set exposure index rated in ASA. Page 51 Apple ProRes, the codec family used for image encoding in ALEXA, is a variable bit rate codec, so the available recording time depends on the image content. It can well be that the available recording time exceeds the value displayed here. Page 53 Main Controls Select a list value Figure Sensor fps list To select a list value, turn the jogwheel until the selection bar is on the desired value and press the jogwheel.

Add a list value If the list lacks the required setting, press the ADD screen button. This opens a screen where the desired value can be set. Page Fps Camera Controls It contains the default frame rates Figure Sensor fps list Note: Access to this screen is disabled during record.

The maximum fps value that can be set is determined by the maximum frame rate recordable by the SxS PRO card in use. Page 56 Camera Controls To prevent this, the camera can mark the duplicate frames with a Variflag. If the recorder supports Variflag recording, it will discard the duplicate frames and only record the active frames.

This saves valuable storage space and worktime. Exiting High Speed mode takes approximately 40 seconds. Channel 1 level Manual allows the user to manually apply gain to the input signal on channel 1 to reach a correct level.

Page Shutter Audio out level: Choose to determine the level of the audio out channels manually, or set it fix to the maximum output. Note: ALEXA automatically determines the internal signal run time and matches audio and images so they are always in sync. When changing sensor fps or project fps, it may take up to 2 seconds for the camera to resync image and audio signals.

This means that the dynamic range is almost evenly distributed above and below neutral grey with very low noise in the dark parts of the image and a very clean and smooth clipping behavior in the bright parts.

Noise is increased, which makes it important to judge the dark parts of the image, while the clipping behavior will be even smoother. Figure Exposure Indexes and latitude aboive and below neutral grey Figure Graphical comparison of latitude at different exposure indexes Page Color Camera Controls The first screen gives an overview of the color settings of all image paths of the camera.

Page 63 Main Controls The looks are stored in the camera. Additional looks can be loaded from the SD card. These look files must be stored on the SD card in a folder named LookFiles.

Page 64 Look Up Tables. Playback and Look Files Look settings of the camera outputs also apply to any clip during playback, if this clip was recorded in LOG C. Page 65 Main Controls White balance and color compensation should be adjusted only with the help of appropriate equipment.

This can either be a color meter or a vectorscope together with a calibrated grey card. Page Function Buttons SD card. When storing the image is finished, a new frame can be grabbed. Enters the screen for configuring Time code. The currently active TC settings are displayed below the TC values.

Figure Timecode screen Note: Individual frame values are not shown in the screen, even though they are counted. Page 68 TC count and continues counting on its own.


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