Kraus, J. The propagation and measurement in absolute units of ultra-high-frequency radio waves. PhD thesis, University of Michigan, Books Kraus, J.

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Kraus, J. The propagation and measurement in absolute units of ultra-high-frequency radio waves. PhD thesis, University of Michigan, Books Kraus, J.

Elements of Electromagnetics. New York, McGraw-Hill, Antennas , 2nd edition. Antennas for All Applications , 3rd edition of Antennas. Electromagnetics , 2nd edition. Electromagnetics , 3rd edition. Electromagnetics , 4th edition. Electromagnetics with Applications , 5nd edition of Electromagnetics.

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A new radio map of the sky and a model of the galaxy.


John D Kraus Books

His inventions included the helical antenna , the corner reflector antenna , and several other types of antennas. Kraus held a number of patents and published widely. Kraus was born in in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He received his Ph. In addition to his professional achievements, he also contributed to amateur radio. He also helped construct and operate the University of Michigan ton cyclotron , then the world's most powerful particle accelerator.


Antennas And Wave Propagation, 5Th Edition

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