Introduction You would think that measuring a home is a straightforward endeavor. That's what the National Association of Home Builders NAHB thought almost two decades ago when it conducted an informal survey of over a dozen builders. The survey results, however, produced over a half-dozen different answers! What seemed straightforward actually was not. NAHB realized there was a need for a common method of measuring and calculating the square footage of homes. The research center gathered input from over twenty-six real estate organizations.

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I spotted a headline in the Wall Street Journal the other day. The Edition is the current revision. So why would the WSJ pronounce the lack of a standard? Further into the article, the reason is clarified. Yep, according to the WSJ author, a standard is not a standard if it is not universally applied. Because some states in the U.

A standard can be created but it lacks a certain viability unless it is applied. For the ANSI Z, there are a lot of good reasons to use the standard and most real estate appraisers do. First, using a standard reduces legal liability issues.

Second, using a standard provides a repeatable number. Third, standards are developed by a group of professionals. Casting a wide net during the process of setting up a committee to do the work of standardization enhances the likelihood of an impartial result.

The Bryon Miller power point includes 12 well-respected organizations on slide 26 as a partial list of participants in the last update of the ANSI Z The development of a standard is actually only half the battle.

Getting a standard implemented is the greater endeavor. One pathway is to have standards embedded in regulatory rules. This comes with its own set of issues.

Another is to have advocates like Mr. Miller educate the user base on the benefits of using a particular document. Let Document Center Inc. You can search for and order standards at our webstore, www. Or you may want to get in touch with us directly. We can be reached by phone or by email info document-center.

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Measuring Up: Understanding ANSI Standards

The standard, which was established in , creates a uniform approach to calculating and reporting square footage or finished area for use in marketing and selling homes, establishing comparable appraisals, taxing properties and even defending lawsuits. It was last reaffirmed in Home Innovation is collecting proposed changes to the standard through May 7, Applications for the consensus committee are also open and must be submitted by April As an American National Standard Institute ANSI standard, regular reviews and updates are recommended to ensure that advances in building codes, technology and other developments can be considered for incorporation. All meeting notices and tentative agendas will be posted online 30 days in advance; minutes and reports will also be available online. Your email address will not be published.


Square Footage - Method for Calculating: ANSI Z765 2020 Review & Update Process

There is more than a five percent difference in GLA gross living area between your sketch and that of the other appraiser. I received this question from a specialist with a large relocation company. So, what is one to do in this scenario? Should both appraisers go back and re-measure hoping for a different outcome?

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