A systematic review of oral fungal infections in patients receiving cancer therapy. Lalla, Rajesh V. The aims of this systematic review were to determine, in patients receiving cancer therapy, the prevalence of clinical oral fungal infection and fungal colonization, to determine the impact on quality of life and cost of care, and to review current management strategies for oral fungal infections. Comparison of efficacy of alternative medicine with allopathy in treatment of oral fungal infection. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. The study concluded that TTO, being a natural product, is a better nontoxic modality compared to clotrimazole, in the treatment of oral fungal infection and has a promising future for its potential application in oral health products.

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The antifungal drugs are classified in classic and current chemical agents and in antibiotics. The chemists classic agents are those medicines that present in a general way reduced action spectrum against fungi, having a fungistatic effect in an indirect way when modifying the local conditions, as for instance the iodine, acids fat and derived, acid salicilic, tolnaftate and tolciclate.

The current chemical agents are represented by imidazole and triazole, flucytosine and allylamines and the antibiotics represented by the polyene amphotericin B, nystatin and natamycin and the griseofulvin. The discretion of each antifungal drug will be presented in the work.

Key words : antifungical, azole, triazole, allylamine, amphotericin B, griseofulvin. O cetoconazol apresentou a melhor atividade in vitro contra a M. Para M. JAHAM et al. Estudos do efeito in vitro do voriconazol, sobre alguns fungos filamentosos, demonstrou ser ativo contra Aspergillus fumigatus, A. Comparison of lipossomal amphotericin B to amphotericin B for treatment of murine cryptococcal meningitis.

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Orientações para uso racional do medicamento anfotericina B lipossomal



Orientações para uso racional do medicamento anfotericina B lipossomal



Orientações para uso racional do medicamento anfotericina B lipossomal




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