Add new comment. Sometimes you learn the solution to some problems the hard way and you would not wish this to happen to your worst enemy, so I post the solution to the problem. For some reason I had set the PLC task to be freewheeling and not cyclic. The task was changed to cyclic and all is good now.

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Add new comment. Sometimes you learn the solution to some problems the hard way and you would not wish this to happen to your worst enemy, so I post the solution to the problem. For some reason I had set the PLC task to be freewheeling and not cyclic. The task was changed to cyclic and all is good now. The bad thing is that IMO this was not well documented in the manuals and we were searching in the wrong direction EMC, repeaters etc.

I have been told that adressing modules in CS31 you need to have some space between them. It might give some issues. FX 1,5,10,15,20 could solve this issue. Update you software. There are a new module for the cs31 bus. You can finde the updates on www. Which firmware are installed in your equipment? You can get a new one at www. The version is 2. Which error codes are there in the CPU???

If log in using the control builder which error number do you get? Where are you based? I think you need to contact a real support line and I would like to guide you there. The addressing for the first network is 1,2,4,5,8,9, For the second is 3,6,7,10,12,13,14, From control builder I right click the bus node and then I use the check function and it does not complain.

Which software do needs updating? I failed to find an update for CI module in the link you provided. However, nothing more is mentioned in the manual regarding that state.

Nor what is diagnosis mode, neither what caused it and nothing about how to fix it. Please also note that the CI modules have some Analog inputs confiqured where the instrument is not connected yet, so this produces a measurment underflow error.

Hi Nik I would upgrade the firmware 2. There has been some issues with that one which is solved in version 2. Which control builder are you using? The reason for longer distance in the addresses is a matter of experience. It can give issues if they are close to each other. I would move the so you have 2 free addresses between each module. The Control builder version is V2. I can try the FW update and see what happens. The connections are made according the pdf you attached.

As suggested by Gustav you have to change the CI module addressing. It is not recommended to use address with a difference one. Actual addressing should be based on the IO modules you are using in the network. But as a thumb rule you can simply use address with 5 digit difference. One of the two networks was down. I did change the addresses like suggested 5,10, I also disabled some analog inputs without instruments connected that produced underflow errors. I also rechecked the cabling, the earthing ,and the terminations.

After all that and a reboot of all stations, all looks in order. It has been running since 2 oclock in the afternoon without problems. I also tapped a digital ocilloscope on the CS31 bus and took some screenshots of the bit steams. As it is just a DSO it cannot trigger from a specific slave as or Profibus analyzer from Procentec does and so I cannot tell for which sleve or from which slave the bit streams were.

I judge that the waveforms look like standard RS Do you see anything unusual in these waveforms? I will also spend a whole day at site tomorow monitoring the behaviour of the system. My mind is drained out from ideas on what to fix. I checked with the oscilloscope the powersupply and it looks like a proper sinwave, so I guess there are no harmonics. Because we have a multicabinet configurations I am now adding capacitors between the shield point of connection on the CI Module and the cabinet plate as indicated in the manual topic "CS31 system bus".

Question App Login Help. The air handling units AHUs are split into two groups. There are no VFDs around nor any other equipment that would produce electrical noise.

The system was commisioned without the repeaters and it seemed that all is ok but after a few days the client copmlained that the system is down. I visited the site and I read the errors from the PLC. The problem only went away after a power cycle of each RIO. I left and the system failed again after a week or so. At that point I thought that the problem was the bus length exceeding the mark of m.

So today I went on site and installed the repeaters thinking that this was the problem. The repeaters worked straight away without any issues. I left and then after a couple of hours I get a call from the client that the system cannot see two of the RIOs.

I asked him to reboot them and the problem went away. I dont know what the problem may be. So any help is highly appreciated. Regards Nik. Comments 0 New comment. Nikzitronik Rank: Asked 6 years ago. Voted best answer 2. Nikzitronik Rank: Answered 5 years ago. Hi Nik 1. Then I have some questions. BR Gustav. GustavA Rank: 72 Answered 6 years ago. Dear Gustav, Regarding your notes: 1. Regarding the firmware please see the attached files KKM4. It is the two CPUs that have the problem.

Regarding your questions 1. Please see the attached screenshot. I am located in Greece and the local ABB office is already dealing with the issue. Could it be that this makes the module drop to diagnosis mode? Regards Regards Nik. Nikzitronik Rank: Answered 6 years ago. Regards Denson Ouseph. Dear all, Thanx for your help. Today I went to site and I have the following notes: One of the two networks was down. I still have not got a solid feeling if the problem is fixed or not but I hope for the best.

What other reason can cause the module to drop out of the network. Other questions needing answers. AKS experts. Stefan Stromqvist Rank: 1. Flavio Mussolin Rank: 4. Dieter Henkel Rank: D Rank: 9. Geof Ledin Rank: Ingo Rank: Please wait


AC500 CS31 bus spontaneus failures

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ABB has enhanced the AC500 PLC family with new CI592-CS31 Communication Interface Module



S500 modules as remote I/O (CS31 / MODTCP)




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