You can save this vehicle to My Garage by simply signing in or creating a new account. Find your Toyota or Scion model so that we can personalize your experience. Dealerships for Puerto Rico can be viewed on an external site. Select your vehicle to uncover all you need to know about your Toyota, from warranties on replacement parts to manuals for unique vehicle needs. No Owner's Manuals were found for your.

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See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jun 1, It is this level of detail, along with hundreds of photos and illustrations, that guide the reader through each service and repair procedure. Complete download comes in pdf format which can work under all PC based windows operating system and Mac also, All pages are printable.

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WordPress Shortcode. Published in: Automotive. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. This plans are great. I was able to bring my laptop batteries and several other types of batteries back to life with your methods.

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No notes for slide. Diagnosis 2. However, these operations must be performed in actual situations. Example: 2. Illustration: what to do and where Component part No. Detailed text: how to perform task Task heading: what you will be doing Set part No.

In these cases, all the information such as torque, oil, etc. However, only installation procedures requiring additional information are included. What to do and other details are placed in illustra- tions next to the text.

Both the text and illustrations are accompanied by standard values and notices. In those cases, specific details may be dif- ferent from the actual vehicle. It also has information such as specifications and warnings. The task headings are easy to read and the text below the task heading provides detailed information. Important spec- ifications and warnings are always written in bold type. The specifications are also found in the Service Specifications section for quick reference.

HINT Provides additional information to help you perform repairs. Units from the metric system and the English system are also provided. S Hat and safety shoes must be worn. S When working with the engine running, pay attention to providing ventilation for exhaust fumes in the workshop. S If working on high temperature, high pressure, rotating, moving, or vibrating parts, wear appropriate safety equipment and take extra care not to injure yourself or others.

S When jacking up the vehicle, be sure to support the specified location with a safety stand. S When lifting up the vehicle, use appropriate safety equipment. S Before removing the parts, check the general condition of the assembly and for deformation and damage.

S When the assembly is complicated, take notes. For example, note the total number of electrical connections, bolts, or hoses removed. Add matchmarks to insure re-assembly of components in the original positions. Temporarily mark hoses and their fittings, if needed. S Clean and wash the removed parts if necessary and assemble them after a thorough check. S As for non-reusable parts such as a gasket, an O-ring, and a self-locking nut, replace them with new ones following the instructions in this manual.

S Retain the removed parts for customer inspection, if requested. Be sure to lift and support the vehicle at the proper locations see page Then apply new seal lock adhesive appropriate to the bolts and nut. You may have to wait for the seal lock agent to harden. Always use a torque wrench.

DO NOT exceed the rating or use one with a lower rating. Remove fasteners with a clip remover or screwdriver. Remove clips with a wide scraper to prevent panel damage. HINT: If clips are damaged during a procedure, always replace the damaged clip with a new clip. Remove rivet by unscrewing the center pin and prying out the rivet shell. Remove rivet by prying out the pin and then prying out the rivet shell.

Do not pull from the middle of the hose as this may cause damage. The label under the hood shows the proper layout. Use a step-down adapter for adjustment. Once the hose has been stretched, it may leak air. The resulting torque will be excessive. Failure to carry out the service operations in the correct sequence could cause the SRS to unexpectedly deploy during servicing and lead to serious injury.

Before servicing including removal or installation of parts, inspection or replacement , be sure to read the following section carefully. S The negative - terminal cable is disconnected from the battery.

The SRS is equipped with a back-up power source. If work is started within 90 seconds of dis- connecting the negative - terminal cable from the battery, the SRS may deploy. Disconnecting the negative - terminal cable will erase the memory of all vehicle systems. The back-up power source inadvertently may inadvertently power the SRS and cause it to deploy. When replacing parts, use new parts. Follow the instructions on the labels. Refer to page for in- formation about correct installation of the steering wheel.

See illustration below. Placing the horn button with the pad surface facing down may lead to a serious accident if the airbag accidently inflates. Also, do not place anything on top of the horn button. This may cause the airbag to inflate, which could cause serious injury. These connectors contain shorting springs. This feature reduces the possibility of the airbag or seat belt pretensioner deploying due to currents entering the squib wiring.

Perform the operation in a safe place away from electrical noise. Placing the airbag assembly with the airbag inflation direction facing down could cause a serious accident if the airbag inflates. This feature reduces the possibility of the airbag deploying due to currents entering the squib wiring.

Activate in a safe place away from electrical noise. This may cause the airbag to inflate, which is very dangerous. Placing the airbag assembly with the airbag inflation direction facing downward could cause a serious accident if the airbag deploys. This may cause the seat belt preten- sioner to activate, which is very dangerous.


Toyota Highlander

It is built on the same platform as used on the Camry. Unable to use the Highlander nameplate in Japan and Australia because of a trademarked Hyundai Terracan trim line, Toyota calls the vehicle the Toyota Kluger pronounced Klu-ger there. The name is derived from the German word klug, which means smart or clever "Kluger" meaning "one who is smart". It came in five — and seven-seat — configurations and became a sales success for Toyota in a number of markets across the world.


Manuals & Warranties



2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid - Owner's Manual (312 pages)



2007 Toyota Highlander - Owner's Manual (423 pages)


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